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Candidates on issues : Iraq, guns control, environment, health care, death penalty

Here are the issues of the 2008 Presidential election : Abortion, crime, drugs, education, environment & global warming,  families & children, foreign Policy & free trade government reform, guns control, health care, war in Iraq & homeland security, immigration, employment, tax reform ... Where do you and republican or democratic candidates stand on these questions ?

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Candidates about - War in Iraq

On 20 March 2003, the United States launched a war against Iraq - Situation there is a major issue of the 2008 presidential campaign > War in Iraq

Environment & global warming

Over the past several years, public & candidates perceptions concerning the importance of global warming have changed > Global Warming

Health care

USA is one of the few industrialized nations lacking universal health care : around 16% of citizens don't have health insurance > Health care

Tax reform

What are candidates opinions about the tax reform - Should the tax system be changed - If yes how ? More details about this issue > Tax reform

Major candidates on issues : Clinton, Giuliani, Obama, Thompson, Edwards

According to many surveys the four most important issues for voters in the Presidential election are : War in Iraq, Health care system, Environment & global warming, Tax reform ... For more details please select the one of your choice above or refer to each candidate official campaign site to read speeches and watch videos.

Issues Clinton Obama Edwards Giuliani Thompson
Abortion Supports Supports Supports Supports Opposes
Guns control Supports Supports Supports Supports Supports
Same sex union Supports Supports Supports Supports States choice
Death Penalty Supports Opposes Supports Supports Supports
War in Iraq Opposes Opposes Opposes



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Site to read 2008 presidential candidates opinions about ...

Site featuring in a table general guideline to the candidates' positions on some of the issues - Weekly update > Presidential issues - candidates

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Site offering a very large & informative content about the positions of every political leader on every issues > On the issues website

Vote match quizz online

Select the set of candidates, then answer the 20 questions, and you'll get compared to those candidates > Vote mach quizz website

Candidates positions on the issues : Iraq - Abortion - Healthcare - Employement

Who for president ? : The latest polls indicate that 2 candidates in each party seem to have the lead - Barack Obama & Hillary Clinton for Democrats and Rudy Giuliani and Fred Thompson for Republicans. On November 4, 2008, the United States of America will hold its election for President and Vice President. Find on this website independent information about Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians candidates - Official campaign sites - direct links to election polls websites to get the latest opinion polling for the United States 2008 presidential election.